Friday July 21

Early registration 11:30-2

Pre M & G Activities

Late Reg, M & G 5:30-7:30

Participation in these activities is nt required but is ENCOURAGED

Saturday July 22

Food Folks  & Fun Picnic starts @ 11:00 and ends at 2pm

There will be lots to do, games, conteststs, an there have been whispers if a talent show...???

The Formal Bamquet begins promptly at 6:30 pm Dinner will be servd at 7:30

Sunday July 23

Worship service at 

Harvest Ministries

(More details when I get em)

Some things  may change slightly as suggestions are made and reviewed but not by much, IF there is something that you'd like to add to the festivities BY ALL MEANS speak up!! Click on the CONTACT button and let your voice be heard. Meanwhile,